As a vegan and mostly raw food feeder, I am always eager to try new and exotic fruits and vegetables. Trinidad is a perfect place to experiment, my taste buds and tummy satiated with the creamy flesh of soursop, steamed ripe figs (baby bananas), crisp tart five fingers (star fruit), and more.

Here is a run-down of some local fresh delights:

  1. Barbadine- A giant passionfruit-esqe mama with a beautiful aroma. Made the most luscious smoothie with almond milk. Pure passion.
  2. Chataigne- Breadnuts. They look and taste like mild chestnuts. From the ripe breadfruit and commonly cooked into a curry. The curry dish is super delicious and can be made vegan. Find a [vegan] roti asap and snack away.

    2014-06-19 10.45.30

  3. Christophene- Aka Chayote. In the family of squash and melon. Great steamed or shredded raw in salads.
  4. Fat Pork- With the striations and coloring of pork fat, these cherry size fruits grow wild on low trees. The taste, um, not my favorite of the bunch. A bit chewy?

    2014-06-21 17.14.40 HDR

  5. Figs- Adorable little bananas that were steamed slightly and served as a common side dish. Better than plantains I opine.
  6. Five Fingers- Star fruit. Abundant and in season while I was there. Practically free. Heavenly when juiced and mixed with pineapple, cucumber, and apple.
  7. Paw Paw- Ok. Not super original but with a cuter name in Trinidad. Classic papaya.
  8. Pomseetay- Best described as a small green mango. We ate this one in a “chow” with lime juice, shadow beni (tastes like cilantro), salt, and pepper.
  9. Pommerac- The rose apple. Fragrant, light, and crisp. Ate a bunch of these in Thailand and Bali but made into a Trini spicy “chow” is super special.

    Fresh rose apple aka pommerac. And then made into cucumber chow below.pom

  10. Portugal fruit- Looks and tastes like an uber sweet tangerine. Makes fantastic juice.
  11. Soursop- I can never over do this one. Creamy, tangy, sweet, thid fruit takes the prize as one my favorite. I like it raw, naked, although Trinis prefer it blended with sweetened condensed milk and ice. Claimed to have healing powers and the ability to prevent cancer, the soursop or graviola is a large spiny creature grown in the Caribbean, Central and South America, and South East Asia. Find it and love it like a fat kid loves cake.
  12. Ummm. I love you Trinidad but you can be quite unhealthy at times. Don’t eat these cherries please. Pickled, preserved, and lots of dye and sugar. Look but don’t touch.

    Photo Jun 19, 8 35 50 AM