Happy Birthday to Me!

baby sarahI was interested in veggies and fruits even as a baby. Thanks mom & dad!

This is year numero 31, a seemingly strange number and concurrently a sincere step into my 30s.

I am no longer in my 20s and cannot deny it. I have a few gray hairs that beckon acknowledgement. Eek!

I do want to take a moment to shout out to my ma and pa for my inception, my ma in particular for the laborious process aka birth, my siblings and my friends old and new. You all rock. 31 years could not have been the same with you all.

How did I celebrate my day? Strongly brewed mate tea and 31 sun salutations, which felt entirely heart-opening and divine, followed by a trip to downtown Brooklyn for a nourishing and healing Chi Gong workshop accompanied by the Gameltron. Holy fun.

What is the Gameltron? Um. The Gameltron is the first completely robotic gamelan orchestra in the world, inspired by traditional Balinese and Javanese gamelan orchestras. As a lover of sound healing and the island of Bali (lived there for almost a year in 2012) I could not ask for a more enticing offering.

Photo Jun 29, 5 51 16 PM

The Balinese infuse the gamelan music in daily life, the sound said to bring “harmony, protection, spiritual insight, ease and understanding”. The orchestras can be heard on every corner of every block- the sound echoing over vast rice fields. Kids learn this art form from a very young age and the music is often accompanied by dance and puppetry.

The sounds of the gameltron in Brooklyn brought me right back to my first eve in Bali, where I crashed on the couch of a lush home in the middle of the fields. Heaven. The only thing missing was a fresh coconut bigger than my face to sip. The gracious hosts did nonetheless serve us fresh cherries, two types, rich dark chocolate, and goji tea. More heart medicine.

Geoff Kuffner was the guide, offering us profoundly invigorating chi gong exercises and meditation. We honored the element of fire, practiced sun gazing, the light pouring in through the windows with a clear and beautiful view of the elegant Brooklyn Bridge, and the last hour travelled in the astral realm to the sounds of the gameltron.

I so grateful to have shared this experience with a couple family members as well- my bro and dear auntie joined me in the journey.

Smiles emanated from all faces as we left the spacious loft and headed to Clinton Hill, Brooklyn for “A Love Bazaar” street market at Aussie-owned Smooch Café that included shamanic wear by the talented Chela, tarot reading, and live music. Colorful dresses, exotic antiques, feather fans, and more lined the sidewalk as tacos and sangria were consumed.

We skipped the Smooch selections of grub and instead headed to nearby Madiba Restaurant for some African fare. My first experience with mostly South African based cuisine, vegan options included a Shebeen salad with sufficient avocado for two, a few rice dishes, the Bushman vegetable platter, and fresh juice.

The restaurant has a fabulous energy and décor, every seat was filled and then some, with eager patrons listening to the live band. Wine aficionados would certainly enjoy their long and unique list of South African selections.

Photo Jun 29, 7 48 10 PM

Photo Jun 29, 7 44 05 PM

My belly brimming with avocado I returned back to my home, feeling blessed for a nourishing day in Brooklyn with good friends, my family, and kind eats.

From Brooklyn to Bali to Australia and then to Africa, my birthday was an international success.


Madiba Restaurant

195 Dekalb Avenue

Brooklyn, NY