Hi friends!

I’m Sarah Eve, aka the culinary shaman, making magic in the kitchen and healing from the heart.

I am a holistic healer, vegan and raw food chef, and certified yoga teacher with roots in NYC.
After my degree in Biopsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Michigan,
I have followed my dreams to study many paths of wellness.

Traveling around the world for over a decade,
I completed a certified yoga teacher training with Sri Dharma Mittra in Israel,
studied with traditional shamans in Brazil, Bali, and Thailand, indigenous tribes in Panama, Reiki with Costa Rican masters, organic farming in Laos, crystals and energy healing with medium John of God,
raw vegan cuisine and nutrition in countless locations…the list goes on,
picking up skills to add to my conscious and bliss-filled organic tool belt.

The overall conclusion from my amazing journeys?

Connecting to Mother Earth, and our divine essence found within our heart,
is the most powerful medicine and the easy secret to living a life of happiness and success.

I am dedicated to being a bridge of ancient paths for modern day wellness,
spreading vibrant health and happiness for all.

And with this site, I share my experience and gifts with you.

Love and light,
Sarah Eve

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