An International Birthday- Balinese Gameltrons in Brooklyn & South-African Fare

Happy Birthday to Me! I was interested in veggies and fruits even as a baby. Thanks mom & dad! This is year numero 31, a seemingly strange number and concurrently a sincere step into my 30s. I am no longer in my 20s and cannot deny it. I have a few gray hairs that beckon [...]

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A Raw Vegan Playground- Strange and Exciting Produce in Trinidad

As a vegan and mostly raw food feeder, I am always eager to try new and exotic fruits and vegetables. Trinidad is a perfect place to experiment, my taste buds and tummy satiated with the creamy flesh of soursop, steamed ripe figs (baby bananas), crisp tart five fingers (star fruit), and more. Here is a [...]

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Trini Treasures

I took a fabulous first trip to Trinidad, the most Southern island of the Caribbean quite close to the coast of Venezuela. The main purpose of the trip was to attend a wedding and of course, to explore the natural beauty and beaches, connect with the yoga community, and eat tons of luscious local cuisine. [...]

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Yoga Brunch at Bouley Botanical

For the month of May I have teaching yoga at a new gorgeous space in Tribeca NYC called Bouley Botanical. The two-hour special class has been frequented by newbies and advanced yogis a like, all enjoying physical asanas (yoga postures), guided breathing techniques, and a blissful relaxation to allow for stillness of the mind and [...]

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Happy Vegan Birthday Suite 3oh6!

In a spacious loft in Tribeca NYC a couple dozen patrons, friends and partners of the talented chef Daphne Cheng, gathered to honor the one year birthday of the vegan supper club Suite 3oh6. Bottles of bubbly and red wine were shared generously as two kinds of cake, both vegan of course, we devoured with [...]

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