Chef Services

I am a Gourmet Vegan and Raw Food Chef and healer enthusiastic about living a healthy and vibrant life and inspiring others to do so too!

-Vegan and raw and gluten-free cuisine for private clients as well as events.
-Vegan and raw food preparation demonstrations and cooking classes.

I believe in eating a plant-based diet that delights the senses on all levels.
Although no one diet is perfect for all, I guarantee that healthy food can be beautifully delicious.

My creative plates are geared for omnivores, vegans, and the curious.

Using my experience cooking in NYC, Bali, and Singapore, I design menus focused on seasonal local flavors.
My artistic cuisine is often enhanced with superfood ingredients filled with natural antioxidants and abundant vitamins.

Organic raw cacao is used to make nutritious and visually alluring vegan chocolate desserts.

Hire Me For:

Private Chef Services
-Gourmet Vegan, Raw, & Gluten-free
-Shopping Tips & Tools
-Stocking a Pantry
-In-home Classes & Demos

Healthy Chocolates & Cakes
-Desserts are vegan & raw, gluten-free, soy-free, agave-free, & made with love.
-Decadent displays for parties & events
-Party favors & more!

Catering & Classes
-Gourmet Vegan, Raw, & Gluten-free
-Off-site & In-Home
-Corporate Lunch & Learn!

Romantic Evening for Two

Why vvvv….vegan?

Eating fresh organic food is the best medicine.

Through my personal healing journey I have found that vegan, mostly raw, food lends itself to having increased energy, weight maintenance, a reduced risk of illness, and greater compassion for oneself and others. I view eating vegan food as a lifestyle choice rather than a typical diet, a path that gifts one blissful health as well as a deeper connection with Mother Nature.

But of course, you don’t have to hug trees to enjoy my cuisine.


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What is raw vegan cuisine?

Raw food is loosely defined as all food uncooked or heated to 118 degrees or less, allowing the food to display its peak nutritional value. By consuming raw (live), organic food one’s body becomes optimally efficient and clean due to the alkalizing qualities of uncooked food, the live enzymes also assisting in improved digestion and elimination.

Eating raw is enjoying food in its natural state.

The raw vegan lifestyle is perfect for those with gluten allergies and sensitivities too.

The Culinary Shaman, Sarah Eve Cardell, is an expert in her knowledge of preparing and teaching how to make raw vegan drinks, meals, and yummy treats! This knowledge and Sarah’s enthusiasm made learning fun. I felt as trough my taste buds were reinvigorated from the combinations of fresh and organic ingredients that were used. I would highly recommend learning from The Culinary Shaman.
Coleen G.
What an amazing experience! Not only did Chef Sarah create a delicious, healthy and fulfilling 3-course meal, she also took time to explain the benefits of the ingredients used in her creations. My guests and I were very impressed with the dining experience. Highly recommended!
Monique V.
This fun class taught me to easily prepare a nutritious and delicious 3-course meal through planning, preparation and the use of the right kitchen appliances. My amazing classmates helped me realize I’m not alone in my quest to understanding how to live and eat in harmony with our beautiful home, Planet Earth.
Eddie C.
Sarah Cardell is a modern day master, loaded with tons of Love, Light, Healing, and Chocolate! She is traditionally and culturally connected and yet progressively appealing. Her sacred gatherings are powerful, her food full of high vibrations, and you can bet on love, laughter, and magnificent people.
Shalom M.
Having never experienced raw vegan cuisine, I approached dinner with a bit of skepticism and a lot of interest. The Culinary Shaman did not disappoint! Her meals are exquisitely and lovingly presented. The melding of flavors wonderful! She was considerate of dietary restrictions. I left the multi-course meal not only sated, dazzled,and comfortable. Not only shall I return, I will perhaps try her dessert menu!
Joan A.
In the short time that I’ve known Sarah, she cooks the same way she lives: with honesty, love, passion, and creativity
Marc Forgione
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I am eager to help you achieve your dreams and experience whole body wellness.

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