Holistic Healing

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Need balance, clarity, or assistance letting go?

-Private Sessions
-Soul Retrieval
-Connecting with Ancestors
-Space Clearing and House Blessings
-Creating Sacred Altars

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Reiki is universal healing energy that is channeled through the practitioner, leaving the client feeling a deep sense of peace.

-Increase Energy
-Reduce Anxiety and Emotional Blocks
-Alleviating Physical Illness
-Intuitive Guidance

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I am an experienced tarot card reader and healer, sharing a passionate and loving energy in my individual readings and group events.

Tarot cards are a fabulous tool to share wisdom, receive answers, have FUN!

Readings are a wonderful and unique addition to:
-Corporate Events
-Private Parties
-Dinner Gatherings
-Bachelorettes & more!

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“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” -Dalai Lama

We all deserve to experience joy, abundance, and love.

Sometimes we choose to make life a bit more complicated and thus need guidance to assist us to get back on our divine track.

Through my own journey I have studied various natural healing modalities and am honored to share these profound tools with you.
In private sessions and group workshops I use my array of tools to facilitate one to connect deeply to one’s heart and true light,
shifting illness, fears, and blocks, dealing with difficult emotional issues, and finding one’s higher life purpose.

Let me assist you in creating a safe space in which you can heal you!

Services include:
-Private shamanic healing sessions
-Finding ones soul’s purpose
-Connecting with ancestors or loved ones
-Creating sacred altars
-Ceremonies for celebrations, holidays, life transitions
-Space clearings and house blessings

Group and corporate workshops are perfect for boosting morale, increasing productivity, and reducing stress.

A bit more about my experience…

I am a certified Usui Reiki master with a deep love of all the healing arts. Using a combination of practical and spiritual techniques I offer guidance to whole body wellness. I completed my Reiki training in 2010 and consequently began shamanic studies with Izhak Beery. The path led to the Amazon with the late shaman Ipupiara, an extraordinary Makunaiman of the Ure-e-wau-wau tribe; in 2011 I completed workshops with Celtic Shaman Tom Cowan and the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. 2012 was a fantastic year as I returned to Brazil to work closely with the Santo Daime community, John of God, and to learn about the healing properties of crystals. Other international trips including Mexico and Central America, Europe, Israel, and Southeast Asia, I have encountered sacred spiritual practices and healers in which I am blessed to share and teach. I am also a core member of the New York Shamanic Circle and lead new and full moon healing circles every two weeks.

Skype sessions available.

When I first met Sarah I wasn’t openly seeking any spiritual guidance, but I was quickly guided to see my inner potential. I was able to open up to her immediately, and was met with grace and insight in a unique way that brought me to a better understanding of myself and my position in life. She is intelligent, insightful, and inspiring, and I am grateful to have met her.
Nathan W.
Sarah’s ability to listen compassionately, tune in to what’s going on under the surface, and create a safe space for healing allowed me to go deep into my journey without judgment or fear if what I would find. My session with her didn’t just bring insights as to how I was getting in my way, but also gave me access to love myself in this space instead of making myself wrong. It left me at peace and with clarity about how to fulfill my needs and desires in the future so I can feel supported in everything I do. I trust her and her healing gifts wholeheartedly!
Melody K., CEO nakedwellness.com
Sarah’s intuition and connection with spirit in our one on one sessions helped me heal longstanding emotional pain, step more fully into my power, and guided me towards trusting my own truth. The result is that I live more fully in alignment with what I care about and with more enjoyment every day. Thank you Sarah!
Noah D.
Sarah Eve Cardell’s healing circle has been such a blessing in my life. I have been longing to deepen my knowledge of shamanism for quite a while, and with Sarah I have found exactly what I’ve been looking for – a passionate and knowledgeable teacher, who leads her groups with enthusiasm and a powerful, yet gentle leadership energy. I always look forward to her circle gatherings, the beautiful ceremony, the deep connection to Spirit through the journeys expertly guided by her, and also the opportunity to meet like minded people. I can say without hesitation that finding Sarah’s circle has been a life changing experience!

Yoga Instruction

Offering private yoga instruction in the comfort of your home, corporate workshops, & group classes in NYC.


Shamanic Moon Circles

Every new and full moon we gather together for healing, illumination, connection to spirit.

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Tarot Reading

Tarot cards are a fabulous tool to share wisdom, receive answers, have FUN! Great for dinner parties, birthdays, and more!


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I am eager to help you achieve your dreams and experience whole body wellness.

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