We are all creators, carving our paths with every thought, word, and action we make.
We are dreamers and wisdom keepers. We are one.

Under the grace of the new moon we gathered again in downtown NYC, harnessing the magic innate in the universe,
the magic within our hearts.

This new moon in Gemini was particularly potent for amplifying the ability to create our ideal and bliss filled life- the moon is in perfect angle to Mars, gifting us the motivation and strength to achieve all we have dreamed of and more.

In an expansive evening we honored the directions, the elements, ourselves. Journeying to the heart to the beat of the drum, remembering our true and beautiful essence, receiving healing, manifesting…..playing with spirit.

The power of prayer is always amplified in community, each participant assisting one another in their healing and illumination process.

Three journeys, tea and vegan chocolate, it was a perfect evening of co-creation.