Yes. It is true. The popular veggie loving blogger The Blonde Vegan is no longer vvvv…vegan. Gasp!

Citing disordered eating patterns, emotional distress, and physical ailments, Jordan Younger of TBV has decided to supplement her meals with “organic farm fresh eggs and wild fish from the local farmer’s market” in addition to other new items.

I do want to take a moment to give her some props for her decision, a courageous move for one who has built an international image and brand based on eschewing all animal products.

It is clear no diet is perfect for all, and listening to one’s own body is most important.

We vegans often preach about compassion, and ultimately it seems, being compassionate to oneself should take precedence.

Criticizing Jordan for her choice to eat omnivorously, or any one for that matter, to me is not practicing compassion.

Proper nourishment is requisite for body, mind, and spirit wellness. We are all unique to what this definition entails.

That all being said, I still honor my choice to walk the vegan path and hope to inspire others to do so (if so personally inclined).

Those who transition from vegan to non-vegan often do so because they do not eat a balanced diet.

2013-03-11 21.31.32Vegan Kelp Noodles. Almond Butter Dressing. Julienne Veggies. Curried Cashews. Herbs.

Here are a few tips to be a happy and healthy vegan:

  1. Eat enough. Consume sufficient nutrient dense calories from unprocessed foods. Calories from Oreos (although surprisingly naturally vegan EEK!) are quite different from an equal number of calories in a mango for example. Ya need enough calories to have energy. Period.
  2. Play with color. Vegan should never be boring! Snazz up salads with more than cuke, tomato, and lettuce. Add beets, roasted veggies, sprouted nuts, grilled sweet potatoes, ancient grains, unsweetened and unsulfured chopped dried fruit, etc. There are endless possibilities. Make pretty plates! And generally, the more color the more nutritious.
  3. Fresh herbs are magical. Adding fresh herbs to any savory dish, salad, dessert, smoothie, elixir, cocktail, breakfast, you-name-it makes life sensational. Oatmeal with almond milk, fresh mint, and raw cacao powder…holy yum.
  4. Take a B12 supplement. It will make you feel more grounded and sane.
  5. Make nut or seed “mylks” your bff. Delicious, nutritious, and satisfying, they are wonderful alternatives to cow-based products. And super easy to make at home.
  6. Eat fermented foods such as kimchee, sauerkraut, kombucha. They are fabulous for your digestive system and filling as well.
  7. Protein, protein, protein. Chia, hemp, and flax seeds, sprouted nuts and nut butters and “mylks”, beans and legumes, dark leafy greens, grains such as quinoa and amaranth, the list goes on…are super important to consume. Balance your carbs with plant-based protein sources to avoid sugar binges.
  8. Try new foods- freekeh freak you out? Try it any way. Keep your taste buds excited.
  9. Observe your cravings. And delve deep to understand whether these cravings are emotional reactions or actual physical needs.
  10. Keep a food journal for a week and analyze your daily intake. Double check if you are eating a balanced diet and adjust accordingly.
  11. Stock your home well with vegan staples (grains, fresh produce, bulk nuts and seeds) and keep some healthy vegan snacks on hand at all times to avoid making poor nutritional decisions.
  12. Support. Friends or mentors are fantastic resources to sticking to the vegan lifestyle. Positive vibes are contagious.
  13. Have fun! Um. Always.