I took a fabulous first trip to Trinidad, the most Southern island of the Caribbean quite close to the coast of Venezuela.


The main purpose of the trip was to attend a wedding and of course, to explore the natural beauty and beaches, connect with the yoga community, and eat tons of luscious local cuisine. The food flowed nonstop as Trinis love to eat!

On my first eve I was graced by my fabulous hosts with a plate of veganized Trini traditions- whole wheat roti (a staple bread similar to a giant grilled pita), curried chataigne (a stew of boiled jackfruit-esque nuts and flesh), steamed plantains, dhal (lentil) soup, mango anchar, pepper sauce, and pomegranate juice.


Although quite a bit different from my regular raw food routine, I supped with delight.

The food was heavenly, the curried chataigne my new fav. The homemade dishes clearly took a lot of preparation, roti making alone an art (will show ya a video later), and I could certainly taste the love in every morsel. I didn’t get to see the cooking of the chataigne but check out the following recipe to understand how labor intensive the dish is: http://www.simplytrinicooking.com/2010/03/curry-chataigne-breadnut.html#axzz35ka3PheB.

Not a dish to prepare in busy NYC.

The wedding was a beautiful celebration of two families coming together from distinct paths-
the groom from a generous and loving Muslim family and the bride from the Hindu faith.


The couple honored their love for each other in a large party at the Hilton in the Port-of-Spain capital with 200 guests, a live Laventille band that surprised the crowd behind a screen with the festive sounds of steel drums, and a buffet of vegetarian delights. Dancing, eating, more eating, so much fun!

023Curries, channa (chickpeas), salads, mango hot sauce, and more!

Days following the wedding including connecting with family, friends, trips to the beach, and a fun and nourishing trip to Tobago! More details to come.