Happy 2015!

Do you sense the amazing energy of the new year? I know I am. Creative juices flowing, rejuvenated desires to deepen my yoga practice, reconnecting with old friends…this year is already feeling magical.

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to renew, recharge, and evaluate all that you are and aspire to be.

And I can’t wait to share a healthy and happy year with you!

As the holidays have come to an end, perhaps it is time to evaluate your physical health and diet. Are you getting sufficient exercise, nourishing food, and sleep?

The best way to stay balanced and well, especially during the winter months in NYC, is to start with a healthy diet. It is nearly impossible to feel good without fueling your body well.

Instead of waiting until the spring or even bikini season to take the time to treat your body with love and respect, let’s start now!

For the last two weeks of January, I challenge you to write down everything you eat. Every morsel of food. And, write down one emotion you are feeling when you eat each meal. The first step in improving your diet is becoming aware of what you are actually eating and why.

On February 1 we can evaluate our diets together.

In the meantime, I have created a delicious hot chocolate chai recipe to keep you feeling warm inside and out. This dirty chai is simply clean with “dirty” and energizing raw cacao. Deliciously creamy, low in sugar and calories.

Traditional hot chocolate generally has 300-500 calories per cup and is loaded with sugar and fat. A comparable 16oz (grande) cup of hot chocolate at Starbucks has 400 calories and 19 grams of fat. Eeek!

This hot chocolate chai is low in fat and has only 100 calories. And no refined sugar!